“Brooklyn + Japan”

Toba City in Mie Prefecture, near Ise Shrine, has long been a "miketsukuni" (land of food)
where food is offered to the gods, and is a treasure house of rich food.
Oyster cultivation, one of the city's most famous products, is conducted without feeding,
using only the bounty of the sea. The oyster season, also known as "milk of the sea," starts
in late October and lasts until early spring. Many oyster farmers open their own oyster
houses, and finding an oyster house of your choice is one of the specialties of this area.
Please come and find your own "ikitsuke oyster shop.

Pearl Island, the birthplace of pearl cultivation and home of the pearl king Kokichi Mikimoto,
is also a must-see spot to learn about the hardships and history of pearl cultivation techniques.
Nakamachi is a street close to Pearl Island, but once you step into the street, you will
experience a nostalgic atmosphere that gives you a sense that time has slowed down.
There are many houses there that no longer seem to be inhabited, but there are cafes,
coworking spaces, guesthouses, and other facilities that have been renovated from vacant
houses, making it a relaxing place to spend the day.
There are two spots in Nakamachi that you should definitely stop by.

The first is Osho-ya Kadoya. Kadoya was a wealthy merchant in the area and used to run an apothecary. The building from the Edo period still remains and is a national tangible cultural property.
Kadoya is now a museum where visitors can learn about the history and lifestyle of Toba, and is also loved by local residents for its tea ceremony and handicraft classes.
The second is a malt shop. Kojiya is a tofu shop, but now you can enjoy soy milk soft serveice cream.
The soymilk soft serve is moderately sweet, and you can take a breather anytime you want.The most enjoyable thing here is to talk with the mother of the malt shop along with the soymilk soft serve.

Talk about the news, the weather, yourself, Toba,
anything! This is the entertainment we proudly offer.
If you enter any other stores that you are interested in, please talk to them. Interesting
people with a great sense of humor will entertain you.
Toba Nakamachi cannot be called a direct sightseeing spot, but I would like you to stop by
here on your way to Pearl Island or to eat oysters. It is the kind of place where you can
come when you want to relax. It is such a place.
Currently, we are in the process of creating a base that embodies sustainable urban
development. Look forward to its completion!