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ise no sato

Misogi salt 3-piece set misogi means purification ceremony

  • Utilizing Local Resources

Kamijima, an isolated island in Ise Bay. This natural salt is made by carefully cooking seawater pumped from offshore of this island, which was once considered the sacred territory of the Jingu Shrine, in a flat pot, and then drying it in the sun. Microplastics and other impurities are thoroughly removed, making this salt rich in minerals and safe and secure.

ise no sato
This is where Japan's nature lovers gather.
Among them, Ise is
Ise is a place of such special beauty
Ise is a place of special beauty.
Ise-no-Sato is for all those who want to connect with Ise.
Ise-no-Sato is here for all those who want to connect with Ise.
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