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The Importance of Simplicity – Brooklyn BAR –

brooklyn bar BODY & BATH is a personal care brand based in Brooklyn.
In 2012, the owner, Joann Montalto, and her co-owner at the time
started the brand by making and selling soap made with natural ingredients.

Currently, while sticking to natural materials only
The company also offers a lineup of non-soap products such as bath products, aroma candles, and skin care products.

This time, we interviewed Joann, the owner of brooklyn bar BODY & BATH, who started such an eco-friendly and skin-friendly brand.

Q1: What made you decide to create a brand?

I wanted to start something using my creativity while raising my children at home.

Q2: What are the key points of your products?

The product should be a simple, non-toxic material that can take care of all the needs of the skin.

Q3: What are the most popular items in the lineup?

Sales change with the seasons, but during this dry season, when your skin is getting drier, we recommend So Shea Body Butter, a product that makes use of the power of natural ingredients to provide the best barrier and moisturizer for your skin.

Q4: What message would you like to convey to customers through your products?

I guess I’m just asking you to use natural ingredients as much as possible.
That way, my struggle with skin problems will come to an end!

Q5: What does sustainable living mean to you?

Be simple.
Find what works for you and stick to it. It’s easy to buy a lot of stuff, but that lifestyle drains your space, your money, your time, and even your energy!

At first glance, one might think that “choosing to be simple” means putting up with a state of scarcity.
In fact, the author felt that simplicity may be more fulfilling for both the mind and the environment, as she learned about the products of brooklyn bar BODY & BATH and Joann’s thoughts.