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“La Nature”

Shampoo, body soap, hand soap, and dishwashing detergent.
How do you always buy all the detergents you use at home?

For myself, once I find a favorite, I try to choose the “refillable” version for my next purchase for cost and environmental considerations.
Even so, that refill package is still garbage. I also think it is a waste to have the contents of the package left behind.
I am sure that many people have the same complaint as I do.

There is one store that I would like to recommend to all of you to visit.
La Nature Store is located in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

It is a package-free store specializing in kitchen and bath products, mainly soaps, skin care products, and detergents.

The company also handles a selection of environmentally friendly products such as sponges, brushes, and reusable containers for use together.

Haley and Peter, owners of La Nature Store, say, “Make the items you use in your home every day sustainable. We want them to be as close to zero-waste as possible. We set up the store so that these items feel familiar to everyone.” They say.

In fact, the products we carry are all items that are essential in our daily lives. For example, detergents and fabric softeners used for laundry are sold in gel ball form and can be purchased in quantities as small as one.

Large bottles of shampoo and hand soap are lined up in the store and can be filled directly into their own containers. You only pay for the amount you refill.
This way, you can say goodbye to the hassle of refilling and having a little bit of the contents left over.

There are many solid types, so you will find your favorite.

Of course, it is not only “package-free” that is environmentally friendly.
Soaps, detergents, and skincare products are also ethically conscious.

Anyone who goes to La Nature Store can always convert one or more items to sustainable.
Plus, they can get rid of that “refill package” blur.

It doesn’t have to be for a cool reason like “I want to reduce the amount of packaging! It doesn’t matter if your reason is a little bit stingy like mine, “I don’t want to waste the extra contents by using refills.
Why don’t you start with one sustainable product?

I’m going to go to La Nature Store as soon as I run out of what I’m using. I’m thinking about it.