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Social Muscle Rehab by Dr. Arakawa

How should we adapt to the world after the Corona disaster? In his solo exhibition “Social Muscle Rehabilitation,” currently on view at Artists Space, Arakawa attempts to find a solution to such a question that no one can answer.

Not only did he go to the trouble of bringing the restaurant’s exterior temporary shed, which has become a familiar sight at the Corona Disaster, indoors, but the artist himself unveiled karaoke at the opening reception while wearing a mask on his bare face.

The exhibition-related program took place on October 16, Naomi Osaka’s 24th birthday. Arakawa invited a group of seven people, all strangers with varying degrees of tennis experience, to celebrate the birthday with a mischievous tennis performance to honor Osaka, a tennis star, for mentioning mental health and taking action.

The exhibition is a humorous and suggestive look at the possibilities for a brighter future by Arakawa, one of the most active Japanese artists in the world.