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Beautiful Izu, a volcanic gift from the south.

Beautiful Izu, a volcanic gift from the south.

Hello everyone. My name is Miwa, and I am in charge of Izu.

I would like to introduce to you the beauty of the Izu area, which I love, and the sustainable products and services that Izu produces.

Before I begin, let me explain about the Izu area (Izu Peninsula).

Izu is a peninsula located in the eastern part of Shizuoka Prefecture. It is a wonderful area that has been recognized as a UNESCO World Geopark and is said to have “high geoscientific value.

This peninsula was a group of underwater volcanoes in the south about 20 million years ago. It moved northward from the southern ocean with the Philippine Sea Plate and eventually collided with Honshu, forming the peninsula as we know it today. It is said that the impact of the collision created the largest mountain in Japan, Mt.

The Izu Peninsula, with its beautiful scenery, spectacular landscapes, and abundance of hot springs, is said to be a “singularity on earth,” with no other place in the world like it.

Above all, just look at this beautiful landscape! (Photo)

The scenery looks like a scene from a movie, spread out all over the place. (In fact, it is often used as a location for movies, TV dramas, and music videos.)

The peninsula is surrounded by the sea, with Sagaminada to the east, Suruga Bay to the west, and the Pacific Ocean from Ishirozaki at the southernmost point. Numazu City, located at the base of Izu, dominated the first to third places in Japan in the “Ranking 2022 for cleanest bathing waters. In addition, Shizuoka Prefecture ranked first in Japan in the number of highest water quality ranks (AA) in the “2022 Results of Water Quality Survey of Bathing Beaches (Before Establishment)” conducted by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan. Three-fourths of the beaches were in the Izu area.

Thus, Izu has a strong image of beautiful seas, but in fact, the majority of the peninsula is occupied by mountainous terrain. There are few flat areas, and the sea and mountains are close together. This makes it a beautiful, nature-rich region that possesses numerous scenic vistas.

Izu (Shimoda Port) was also the first place that opened Japan, which had been closed off to the rest of the world by national seclusion, to the world.

My mission is to pass on Izu’s beautiful nature, rich bounty, and traditional culture, blessed by both the sea and mountains, to many people and to the future.

I will be introducing to you a lifestyle that is friendly to the earth and the future, which we can be proud of to the world. Please look forward to it.

Sustainable Point
This is a unique area in Japan, the only one that rides on the Philippine Sea Plate. We want to convey the nature, culture and industry.
Izu, where there are no industries that pollute the environment and the natural beauty of the sea and mountains remains.

Miwa (Miwa Suzuki ICHIKAWA)
Business & Career Consultant, Planner