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Gassan, KUROMOJI essential oil

 ● Moon Mountain Chromophyll essential oil.
【Scientific name】 Lindera umbellate.
【Type】 Camphoraceae family.
【Extraction part】 Branches and leaves
【Extraction method】 Steam distillation.
【Origin】 Gassan (Nishikawa Town).
【History】 Endemic to Japan. History] Endemic to Japan. It has been produced since the Meiji era (1868-1912), but is highly prized because essential oil cannot be produced in large quantities.
【Main aromatic components】 linalool, cionell, alpha-pinene, limonene, geraniol.

Essential oil extracted from Kuromoji trees nurtured in the great nature of Mt. In this poem from the Tale of Genji, a woman folds sakaki leaves, the fragrance of which reminds her of her memories of a woman, at the place where she stays and prays for the fragrance. The folklorist Kunio Yanagida imagined that the original “kuromoji” was originally “sakaki”, as the “sakaki” we associate with today does not have such a scent. Although it is not known whether this is true or not, there is a tradition in the Tohoku region of tying the catch of a hunt to a kuromoji tree as an offering or gift to the gods, and the scent of kuromoji seems to have been considered to have had a special meaning from ancient times. Even today, the constituents and fragrance of the chromophyll are said to have a relaxing and disinfecting effect, and its scent is used in various aspects of daily life.

Do not apply directly to skin or drink. *Avoid use by infants, pregnant or lactating women and people who have had epileptic seizures. *Use within one year after opening the bottle. *Since it is made from 100% natural ingredients, the fragrance may vary slightly depending on the time of year.

Products are manufactured from wild vegetables and plants collected in the foothills of Mt Gassan in Yamagata Prefecture.
Yamagata, Japan. We do everything ourselves, from picking the ingredients to production, bottling and labelling.
We bring you the taste and aroma nurtured by the harsh natural environment of Mt Gassan.