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leg warmers

  • Natural fibers such as silk and wool are used.
48% wool, 42% silk, 8% polyester, 1% polyurethane, 1% nylon

A combination of silk that is smooth against the skin and wool that has excellent heat retention properties. The inner silk is smooth and durable tussah silk. The outside is knitted with large ribs, giving it a thick, soft feel. The ankles, which tend to get cold easily, are well protected. Silk and wool have excellent moisture absorption and desorption properties, so even if moisture such as sweat is absorbed, it will not be sticky and you can spend your time comfortably.

Silk and wool are natural fibers. Please handle with care. Hand wash with a mild detergent that does not contain fluorescent agents. Do not use bleach, dryer, or fabric softener. Please do not use bleach, dryer, or fabric softener. Shape and hang dry in shade. Please wash with light-colored or white fabrics. Please wash separately from other items. Please be careful not to leave the garment in a damp condition or rub it with sweat or water, etc., as the color may migrate. If surface fibers are caught, threads may pop out. Please be careful when wearing and handling. Due to the nature of the material, sizes may vary slightly depending on the season, lot size, etc.

The light coming in through the window in the morning, my reflection in the mirror, rice and miso soup, the faces of the people I eat with.
Today is a day that looks the same as always, but will never come again.
I don't know what will happen even a little bit in the future, but I can cherish the scenery in front of me.
Sometimes things get lonely and things don't go well.
At such times, we hope that the warmth of natural materials will remind us of the gentle you.
When you feel the warmth of natural materials, not only in your body, but also in your heart, you may feel the love of the moment.
The daily life with such small fluttering moments piled up may be a dazzling view from afar.
Kurashikinu delivers products that make you want to cherish the scenery before your eyes through our craftsmanship.