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AOGEN honkaku amazake

  • traditional fermented food

This luxurious amazake is made from rice malt and glutinous rice. Aogen, a miso brewery established 400 years ago, is committed to producing genuine amazake made with rice malt only, without sake lees. It has a delightful natural sweetness derived from glutinous rice and a refreshing taste. It is also called “drinkable intravenous drip” because it contains many of the same ingredients as intravenous drips used in medical institutions, such as essential amino acids and lysine. It can be served hot, cold, or in a smoothie, and you will never get tired of this authentic amazake.

Today, when people are greatly concerned about "being healthy," the world is full of foods that are said to be good for the body. We deliver "raw fermented foods" because we want to deliver "living food. We believe that eating the power of the microorganisms that created the fermented food as it is is natural and "that is the best taste". It is not easy to handle living fermented foods. We are constantly striving to make it possible for people to enjoy eating live fermented foods in a tasty and enjoyable way. Why don't you start an old and new food habit of "using traditional fermentation techniques to make use of natural products in their natural state"?