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Whitening-Boost WNB

Boost type doctor’s cosmetic serum that can be mixed with a drop of your existing cosmetic or used by itself. Aiming to create beautiful skin free of spots and freckles, this skin-improving cosmetic has been designed to minimize side effects as much as possible. Arbutin alpha + beta ingredients slow down the activity of melanin, the source of sun spots, and prevent the formation of sun spots after sun exposure. Antioxidant action of the Nobel Prize-winning fullerene ingredient whitens skin, improves wrinkles, improves barrier function, and improves pores. For acne-prone skin, it also has an acne-care effect by quenching acne inflammation with vitamin C derivative ingredients.

Water, Mg ascorbyl phosphate, Bg, glycerin, alpha-arbutin beta-arbutin, fullerene, ascorbyl tetrahexyldecanoate, sodium hyaluronate, lactic acid, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, cerebroside, ventylene glycol, PVP, gum chitate, phenoxyethanal
Since no preservatives are used, do not store in the sun or at temperatures above 32°C (32°F). Refrigerator storage is recommended. Shake well before use.
A cosmetic brand jointly developed with SAPHO Clinic, a cosmetic surgery and cosmetic dermatology clinic established over 80 years ago. This beauty essence was created based on the wishes of doctors and customers in the medical field. The brand aims to improve skin problems and to be usable by everyone, making products that are gentle to the skin and can be used by children as well.