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Melange denim is made by mixing new cotton with yarn recycled from indigo denim cut scraps.

Cotton 100%
This product is indigo dyed. It has a natural texture that cannot be experienced with other products, and you can enjoy the unique change in color fading as you wash it. When handling this product, please check the handling label and be careful of the following points. The color may adhere to other clothing when worn. Please note that the color may migrate to light-colored belts, bags, etc. by friction. We recommend that you wear underwear of a similar color. Please do not wash with other items, as the color will fade. Light-colored items in particular may turn yellow under the influence of ultraviolet rays or humidity, but this can be easily removed by washing lightly with water.

This denim jacket is an updated version of the traditional 2nd type G-janes in “melange denim”, which is made by mixing new cotton with yarn recycled from indigo denim cutting scraps. The fabric is characterized by its lightness, softness, and natural stretchiness. The length has been slightly lengthened to create a rounded silhouette, and stitches and buttons have been added to the cuffs to make it easier to roll up the sleeves, so that it can be worn by a wide range of people regardless of gender.

Casual wear collection made from waste and leftover during making clothes. 
We have seen lots of things which were thrown away without using. we try to make these things into valuable clothes.
Annaut = Un + Naught